Enrol into BUSM4608 (12cp) or BUSM4471 (24cp) via Enrolment Online

Note – if you are unsure you if you have enough spare electives, contact Business Central

Source your own placement relevant to your degree: 

  • Check out opportunities on Careerhub

  • Use your own networks and contacts

  • Visit other job boards such as

Once you have secured a placement, confirm all specific details such as Host Organisation name and address, supervisor contact details, placement dates, location of the placement, negotiated days and hours, key tasks and responsibilities you will be undertaking. This information is critical to complete the RMIT WIL Agreement.

Complete and sign the RMIT WIL Relationship Agreement before you commence your placement

  • Using the details of your placement complete the WIL Agreement Schedule

  • For placements within Australia sign the Agreement Here

  • For placements outside Australia sign the Agreement Here

  • If you have sourced the placement yourself, request your host organisation sign the WIL Agreement and attach your schedule for their reference. If you have found your placement on Careerhub, the RMIT WIL team has already organised for the host organisation to sign the Agreement.

  • Once you have been sent the final and complete version of your WIL Agreement, keep a copy for yourself and give a copy to your employer/supervisor.

Consult with your Academic to have the Placement approved

  • Once your host has signed the agreement you will need to contact the Course Coordinator or WIL Academic to have your placement approved. Share the Agreement so they will organise the final signature.

  • You will need to provide a position description which outlines the key tasks and responsibilities you will be undertaking during the internship.  The position description also should clearly state the total number of days or hours you will be interning for. 

  • Email to complete this step.

Record your placement in InPlace

  • Once your placement has been approved by the Course Coordinator, register your placement on the RMIT University system InPlace

  • Refer to the Quick Reference Guide for step by step instructions.

  • Ensure you attach and upload your agreement and contract before submitting

International Placements

  • If you are undertaking a placement overseas you must register your details with RMIT’s Global Mobility system Mobi in order to qualify to receive complimentary RMIT student travel insurance and access to International SOS

  • Ensure you complete all steps within Mobi

Commence your placement and complete the required academic assessments

  • If your placement takes place before the term starts, click on the button below to access your assessments early

  • Ensure you have read and understood the required assessments. You should begin your assessments during your placement.

  • When Canvas opens ensure you submit all assessments as instructed

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