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You will need to apply and add your placement preferences into InPlace.

To do this: 

  1. Log into InPlace, and enter your credentials.

Follow the steps below:
On the 'My Details' page, under LIBR 1016:

  1. Click on the My Details icon.
    Scroll down, click and respond to each question.
  2. Click on the Agency Preference button.
    Select agencies from the right and rank them according to most preferred

It is important that you complete the Placement Questions/Considerations and Select Preferences.

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Once you have applied, email the team your resume.

Once approved, Grace will get in touch with you via email to notify you of your assigned workplace.

Some organisations may have an online application process which will require you to personally apply. Under these circumstances, the WIL Team will advise you and can provide insurance documents to assist you.

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Complete the following documents prior to starting placement:

  • Signed Relationship Agreement
  • Schedule 2 (Student)

We encourage all students to attend a pre-placement meeting with one of our team members prior to starting placement.