Course Syllabus

There are no face to face classes. All learning is done in the workplace. You may receive a call or visit from an Academic mentor. All queries once you have commenced your internship should be directed to your course coordinator

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Course Assessment Checklist

The following is an outline of assessment tasks for this course:

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Assignment 1:

Course code and name: BUSM4471. Business Internship 1

Assignment name: Report

Weight: 60%

Assignment due date: 31st May

Length: 3000 words

Detail: You are to write a report on what you did during your internship. Here is the Rubric that will be used to mark your report.
Please refer to it and then write any queries on the Discussion board.

Feedback will be provided in Canvas and/or emailed to students.

Assignment 2: Reflection

Course code and name: BUSM4471 Business Internship 1

Assessment name: Assessment 2 Reflection

Weight: 40%

Assignment due date: 31st May

Length: 1000 words

Feedback mode: 

Feedback will be provided in Canvas and/or by written comments communicated to students

Here is the Rubric that will be used to measure your result.

Details: Assessment 2. Reflective piece (1000 words) (40%)

You are to prepare a reflective piece on the good, bad and ugly of your internship experience. Perhaps you encountered culture shock, perhaps you hated your experience and never want to do that task again, perhaps it was just what you expected and now you are certain of what you want to do. Whatever it was, this is the time to reflect and discuss your experience.