Course Syllabus

BUSM4608 is not a standard face to face course. It is a flexible work-based learning experience run over a distance model. Therefore, it does not need to follow a standard 12-week syllabus structure.

The following six topics with suggested activities are not compulsory or graded. However, they are created to help guide you through the internship and assist in the preparation of your assessment work as thus recommended for you to undertake.

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Course Assessment Checklist

The following is an outline of assessment tasks for this course:

BUSM 4608 Assessment.PNG

Assignment 1: Internship Vlogs

Course code and name: BUSM4608. Business Internship 2

Details: Vlog made up of three Parts: (A, B, C) (Totalling 50%)

This assignment over three parts; the before, the during and the after, allows you to personally record the impact of the internship on elements such as your; experience, knowledge, confidence, skill level and many other. Using this digital media format, you can articulate what has happened in a relaxed manner often not experienced through written assignments. 

Assignment 2: Discussion board posts

Course code and name: BUSM4608 Business Internship 2

Details: Discussion board posts, Four (4) Discussion board posts, choice of 6 topics 2 posts(7%) and 2 replies(3%) each required (Totalling 20%)

The objective of this task is to share a description of the major work-based projects on which you have been working during the internship and to communicate with fellow students’ information about: 

• The nature of the project/s (objectives, measurement, construction etc); 

• how discipline specific knowledge is employed I your internship 

• your observations and insights (surprises/disappointments/challenges)

Assignment 3: Portfolio of Evidence

Course code and name: BUSM4608 Business Internship 2

Details: Portfolio (1500± words) (30%)

Create a portfolio of evidence or ‘artefacts’ incorporating short descriptions of jobs/project and reflections on this work. This will assist you to showcase your skills, worked based applied learning and increased employability to future employers.