What does this unit involve?

This unit will focus on the information sector (libraries, archives, museums, records and business units etc.) and a range of evolving issues as experienced within the profession. The unit is designed to complement your studies with real experience, and develop your skills as a "professional practitioner” in a variety of information contexts.

The contexts in which information is provided will be defined and examined, exposing you to ‘real life’ practice from a variety of speakers from industry and engagement with real-world activities. You will undertake structured activities allowing you to learn, apply and practice your knowledge within a professional environment. 

This unit is an opportunity for you to integrate, critically reflect on and consolidate what you have learnt in your program.

What will I learn from this unit?

After successfully completing this unit, you will be able to:

  1. Analyze and evaluate the contexts in which information is originated, described, stored, organised, retrieved, disseminated, modified and used in the public, corporate or private information management sector.
  2. Research and think creatively to generate innovative solutions to information management issues in an authentic situation.
  3. Discuss the ethical, legal, cultural and policy issues that are relevant to the profession and the distribution of information freely and equitably.
  4. Effectively communicate with information users in the workplace.
  5. Demonstrate critical, reflective, creative thinking and problem-solving skills and apply them in the information profession.


The placement will require you to:

  • Attend the placement for a FULL 15 days successfully complete the unit (excluding sick days, or non-attendance).
  • Be professional within your working environment.
  • Complete a placement plan.

Please note: All placements for Master of Information Management are unpaid.

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