Who can apply?

You can apply for this elective if you are:

  1. A postgraduate student within the College of Business

  2. Have an unused/available elective in your course (if you are unsure, please verify with Business Central)

  3. Not a RMIT Online (Keypath) student

What does this course involve?

This course provides students with the opportunity to work with a partner organisation (usually unpaid), to assist in the transition between university and their future careers. Partner organisations may be from a diverse range of industries and sectors, including private industries and not-for-profit organisations. Students will undertake the placement under the guidance of a workplace mentor and with the support of an academic and professional University staff.

How many hours am I expected to do?

The total amount of time at the workplace is approximately 120 hours, which is 1–2 days per week at your partner organisation over a 12–week period, arranged between yourself and the partner organisation.


You also have the option to undertake 240 hours through the BUSM4609 elective and to receive 24 credit points.

When can I undertake a placement?

You can commence your placement once you have enrolled in the course and have worked through the administrative steps listed on the following pages. This includes having your placement approved by the Course Coordinator and ensuring the WIL Agreement has been completed.

What will I learn from this course?

You will achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Integrate and apply discipline knowledge in a practical workplace context.

  2. Communicate effectively with a range of specialist and non-specialist audiences.

  3. Demonstrate the capacity to work collaboratively within an organisation.

  4. Critically reflect on the design, implementation and evaluation of a work-based project or placement.

You can find more information about this elective here.

Testimonials from past students

"I learnt many things during my internship at the Young Workers Centre. Not only was I able to implement my academic knowledge in a practical setting, but I also finished my placement with a revived enthusiasm for my studies and career plans. The well-rounded nature of my placement gave me a taste of practice and allowed me to realise the immense career opportunities available to me."


I found the experience eye-opening. The courts have such an intensive workload, the camaraderie within the office was fantastic. The majority of employees were more than happy to help one another and explain how daily tasks worked and very appreciative of the work I helped with. A standout moment was observing different magistrate's and comparing their approaches, and then being able to meet with my preferred magistrate and discuss their judicial approach. I'm so fortunate to have worked at such a supportive workplace".

- Jordan Smythe

"I loved my time at the Magistrates Court. I was initially nervous and apprehensive at first not knowing what to expect, but It quickly turned out to be a great experience with the Court's friendly and welcoming staff. One experience I'll never forget was being able to sit through the Drug Court hearings and witnessing someone sit in for their graduation from the program. Seeing how the Drug Court's rehabilitation program had such a positive life changing experience on the felons that had finished, as well as on others going through the program witnessing someone else complete it, it was an experience I realised I wanted to have with clients of my own."

-Matthew Mcleod