Submit InPlace

Email a detailed Position Description to the team (

If you have found a position independently (outside of CareerHub), you are required to email the Position Description on the relevant company's letterhead to the Business WIL Team for approval and contact you.


  • Upload your approved Position Description onto InPlace. (Do not upload until your position has been APPROVED).
  • Upload either a:
    • contract; or
    • letter of offer from the company

Your document must confirm the following:

  • your position is full time
  • the duration of the placement
  • remuneration details

CareerHub Positions

If you have found a position within CareerHub titled "Business Coop (job title), you will need to:

  • Upload a copy of the CareerHub job posting in the attachment field. To do this, search “expired jobs” to access the job posting from Careerhub if the deadline has closed).

Fill in forms

Complete & sign the WIL Agreementonce contacted by College of Business Staff. 

You will need to printsign and upload the WIL Agreement into the InPlace portal.

What is the WIL Agreement? 
The WIL Agreement is a legal document between:

  • the student
  • the host company
  • the University

This contract ensures that students and employers are clearly informed of their role and responsibilities during WIL activities. To ensure all students are covered by the RMIT insurance whilst undertaking a WIL activity with a partner organisation, a WIL Agreement must be submitted prior commencing placement.

Email your completed WIL Agreement to


Enrol in WIL & WEI Units

After submitting a WIL Agreement, you are required to enrol into the following units: 

  • WIL 1 and WEI 1 (first semester)
  • WIL 2 and WEI 2 (second semester)

For more information about these units please
click here

For information about how to enrol into these units please click here and follow the links under the tab 'Enrol as a higher educational student'