What does this unit involve?

This unit is an elective (BUSM4471) for students who want to find their own Industry Placement opportunity (usually unpaid), through the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program. Students are required to find a placement that is related to their field of study, and will undertake this under the guidance of a workplace mentor and with the support of academic and professional University Staff. 

Please Note: Unpaid internships that are outside of an accredited University program may be in breach of the Fair Work Act and therefore might be illegal. For further information please refer to the Fair Work Ombudsman website

How many hours am I expected to do?

The total amount of time at the workplace is approximately 120 hours, which is 1-2 days per week for 8-12 weeks. Additionally, students are expected to complete a further 20 hours on the assessments involved in this course.

You also have the option to undertake 240 hours through the BUSM4608 elective and to receive 24 credit points. You will find more information on this elective here.

When can I undertake a placement?

You can commence your placement once you have enrolled in the course and have worked through the administrative steps listed on the following pages. This includes having your placement approved by the Course Coordinator and ensuring the WIL Agreement has been completed.

What will I learn from this unit?

You will:

  1. Develop work-ready skills to assist you in preparing for internship applications, such as:

    • preparing a suitable curriculum vitae

    • successfully attending workplace interviews

    • meeting work requirements of regarding punctuality, appropriate workplace behaviour, respectful communications and expectations of quality work outcomes

  2. Apply your business major theory into workplace practice, through a supervised experiential learning in a workplace environment

  3. Participate effectively as a workplace team member through individual and group tasks

  4. Undertake reflective praxis in reviewing the value of work experience linked to the major area of business study.

More information on this course can be found here.

This elective is not available to RMIT Online (Keypath) students

Note:  Students wishing to undertake a placement in 2019 should stay tuned as we update our content with the new process.  The new process will enable students to find and commence a placement as long as you are enrolled into the course in either Semester 1 or 2 in 2019.


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